Denbighshire Primaries Maths Week


Denbighshire Primaries Maths Week: Monday 10th June to Sunday 16th June

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How the competition works

Denbighshire Primaries Maths Week is open to all Denbighshire primary state schools that have students in KS 2.

The competition will begin at 00:00 on Monday 10th June 2013 and will end at Midnight on Sunday 16th June 2013

The competition will be run using the online educational maths site ‘Mangahigh’. Students and teachers will have their own unique login and can access the activities 24/7 from home or school.

Students gain points by achieving a level of competency in a particular activity. A Bronze medal (1 point) demonstrates a basic level of understanding, Silver (2 points) and Gold medals (3 points) stretch a students’ understanding further. All activities carry a Bronze, Silver and Gold medal. So students in year 3 trying ‘adding’ can actually compete on level terms with students in year 6 trying ‘averages’

The school with the largest number of points after 7 days will be declared the winner. There will be a presentation of a trophy and certificates, date and time to be arranged.

Students and teachers will be able to see a leaderboard during the week that shows the top 10 schools and their own school’s position

How to get started

1) register at

2) A Mangahigh school account will be set up for you (some schools already have one)

3) Email your class lists to, so that individual student logins can be generated. Include information in 3 columns: student first name, student last name, student class name. The records should be emailed as a spreadsheet.

4) Email a list of teachers that may use Mangahigh to Include: teacher first name, teacher last name, teacher email address.  This will allow each teachers to have their own login to Mangahigh. Teachers will receive emails with their login details