Using Analytics


Mangahigh’s analytics provide teachers with the tools needed to track and examine student performance in both games and Prodigi.  These analytics, aggregated across several challenges, will allow you to identify the needs of each individual student and support them accordingly.  To view your class analytics first go to ‘Activities’ tab at the top of your homepage, then select the desired class from the drop-down menu.

You will then be directed to your Gradebook; this is where you assign and review your students’ challenges.

You assign challenges to your students from the ‘Assign’ tab and from the ‘Review’ tab you have access to all of the challenges that you have assigned to your class.  If you click on the export button you will get an xlsx. file with student analytics for your assigned challenges, such as your students’ achievements, their effort (challenges attempted and number of attempts), the percentage of students passed and failed, the medals they have achieved and so forth.



The ‘Challenges’ tab allows you to view the class analytics for the challenges you have set while  ’Student Reports’ allows you to view an individual students analytics and track their progress.  From the ‘Challenges’ tab you can select to view the challenges that are currently in progress, the challenges you have set over the last 30 days or ‘Past Records’.



Next to each challenge you will find a pie chart summary of participation and performance for the class.  Here you be will be able to quickly view how many students have attempted the challenge and how each student performed.  Hover over each section of the pie chart to see a list of the students who achieved that medal.   Click on the ‘Analytics’ button for a more detailed breakdown of data.



The challenge analytics page shows a scatter graph of students with their class rank for the challenge.  Each student’s high score for the challenge is plotted on the Y-axis, with the number of attempts on the X-axis.  If you hover over a student’s name a box will appear with student data such as: name, high score, time it took to to achieve the high score and so forth.

You can toggle various average indicators by clicking the option buttons to the right of the graph.  This helps you put the student data into context.  You can also export the data into a spreadsheet to report and track student progress throughout the year.


The graph can be divided into the four general quadrants below:

If you click on the ‘Students Report’ tab it will take you to individual students analytics.  Just select which student you wish to review from the dropdown menu.

‘Prodigi Scores’ has a similar scatter graph to the challenges tab but it tracks an individual student’s progress on the graph rather than the whole class.  You can view the student’s data by hovering over the numbers on the scatter graph (which represent individual challenges) or by looking at the table below the scattergraph.

Below ‘Prodigi Scores’ are  ’Game Scores’ where you can view how many and which medals a student has earned for any particular game, along with their high scores and the time it took them to achieve the high scores on a single game play.