Using Reports


Mangahigh’s reports provide teachers with the tools needed to track and examine student performance in both games and Prodigi.  These analytics, aggregated across several challenges, will allow you to identify the needs of each individual student and support them accordingly.  To view your class reports, select the relevant class from using the class selector at the top left of the screen then click on ‘Reports’.

Once on the ‘Reports’ page, specify the date range that you are interested in.  You can select a predefined date range or select one of your own.


By clicking on the Achievement widget you are able to see the number of medal points each student in the class has earned over the date range specified.  The bar gives an overview of how many gold, silver and bronze medals each student has achieved whilst the number next to it represents the amount of points accumulated as a result of these medal achievements. If you see a student without a coloured bar or points, it simply means they did not manage to get any medals from the activities they played during the time period.

Students earn points for mastering mathematical skills. Bronze medals are worth 1, silver medals are worth 2 and gold medals are worth 3.  Medal points are only scored when a student beats a previous best. For example: If a student already has a silver medal and achieves a gold on the same activity, they will score 1 medal point. If they already have a gold, they will score no medal points.

By clicking on an individual student’s name, you are able to see the mathematics topics that were mastered to earn those medal points.  A bronze medal indicates proficiency on the given topic, a silver indicates an advanced understanding and a gold medal indicates exceptional performance.


By clicking on the Assignments widget you are able to see the pass rate of activities that have been assigned by a teacher.  A student achieves a ‘pass’ when an activity is passed to bronze medal standard or above.  The pass rate is the number of ‘passed’ activities out of the ‘total number of expired activities’ including those not attempted.

Similar to Achievements, the bar gives you an overview of how many teacher assigned activities each student has passed (green), not passed (red) and not attempted (no colour). The higher the percentage and the more green you see, the better the student is performing overall.

You can drill in further by clicking on an individual student’s name to view their performance on each teacher assigned task.  Proficient (Bronze) means they understand the key learning objectives. Advanced (Silver) and Exceptional (Gold) indicate a deep understanding that goes beyond the key learning objectives. This page is automatically ordered and sectioned by passed, failed and not attempted so you can easily understand how well a student has performed.