Updating Your Classes


At the start of the new academic year, it is easy to move your students from their old classes into their new classes, whilst maintaining their login details, history of completed challenges and the medals they have already earned.

All you need to do is create either a spreadsheet (in either .XSLX or .CSV format) of all students who will be using Mangahigh this academic year, with their first names, last names and classes in 3 separate columns. You can also specify usernames, passwords and unique identifiers if you wish.  All classes you want to upload should be listed on the same worksheet of the spreadsheet.  If you decide to upload usernames and passwords, please be aware that usernames need to contain at least one letter and they also need to be unique, as each username can only be claimed by one Mangahigh user.


Go to ‘Admin’ tab at the top of your homepage and then select ‘Add Students’ from the drop-down menu.


On the ‘Add Students’ page, go to the ‘Import’ tab.  Upload your spreadsheet at the bottom of the page and select ‘Import New Roster’.

When your spreadsheet is uploaded, you will need to input the column headings by selecting the correct column header in the corresponding drop-down menu.

The next step is to specify whether the roster you are uploading is a ‘Full Student Roster’ or a ‘Partial Student Roster’.


If the spreadsheet you are uploading contains the names of all pupils at your school who will be using Mangahigh, you should select ‘Full Student Roster’.  With this option, any pre-existing students who are not listed on your new spreadsheet are identified as having left the school and are moved to the ‘Leavers’ folder.  If you are adding additional students to a pre-existing Mangahigh account, you should make sure to select ‘Partial Student Roster’ to avoid sending the rest of your school to the ‘Leavers’ folder.

You will then be taken through the update wizard, which will automatically upload the students from your spreadsheet.  Students will be matched by name.  In the example below, Class 1 will be renamed Class 7 for the upcoming academic year.

Names that are an exact match will be listed in the ‘Name Match’ tab.  If your students’ names are listed differently, for instance if a student named Eleanor Fisher is listed on your new spreadsheet as Ellie Fisher, the names will be listed in the ‘Fuzzy Match’ tab.  The system will pair up names with similarities, and ask you to confirm if the names in question represent the same student or not.  If they represent the same student, they should remain linked.  If they are two separate students, you need to deselect the link in the middle of the two names.

When you get to the manual matching section at the end of the update wizard, you need to specify what should happen to each student account in question.  For existing records, you can designate the student as a leaver or as an unchanged account.  For new records, you can designate the student as a joiner or ask the system to ignore the new entry.

Once the process has finished, click ‘Confirm All Changes’.  You will be redirected back to your class overview with the new entries loaded.  Select the relevant class from the drop-down menu to view the login details of all students in that class.  Please note that if you have uploaded your own usernames and passwords, these will not be displayed on your ‘Add Students’ page so you will need to keep your own record of them.  The login details that are listed on the ‘Add Students’ page are your students’ backup login details.  These will always work in addition to the login details you have specified.