Setting Up Your School


Setting up an account for your school on Mangahigh is very simple.  First, go to

Select the ‘START NOW’ button above teacher registration, enter your account details and select ‘create profile.’  Once you start typing your school name a drop down menu will appear.  Select your school from the drop down menu.


If your school does not appear in the drop down menu you just need to manually add your school details by clicking on ‘ADD IT HERE.’

Once you have entered in your school details, select ‘CREATE SCHOOL’ and you will be directed to your Mangahigh account.  Now you can either select to add your students straight away or you can choose to add them later, whereby a sample class of 30 students will be generated for you.

Please Note: Only one teacher from your school will need to complete this process.  Once your school has been registered, additional teachers can be added to the account.  The following link shows you how to add teachers to your school account: