Setting Challenges


Setting a challenge is equivalent to assigning work to your students.  To set a challenge for your students, go to ‘Browse All Activities’ in the left hand navigation panel.  You find appropriate activities to assign by browsing through your curriculum structure, clicking on the folder panels to expand or collapse them.

You can also locate activities to assign to your students by using the ‘Search’ feature. You can begin by entering the name of the activity you want in the search bar, then use the ‘Filters’ button just below to narrow down your search results.

Once you have chosen the activity you are interested in, click on it.  On the panel that slides in on the right, you have the option to ‘Play’ through the activity yourself, and to ‘Set’ the activity to your students.

After clicking on ‘Set’ you have the option to set the task to the whole class, a subgroup or an individual within the class in the ‘Set challenge to’ section and to specify a due date for the task.  You can also enable/disable the Prodigi timer and send a notification to your students with the challenge.  Once you click ‘Done’, the task will appear on your students’ Assigned tabs when they next log in.