What is Mangahigh and is it free?

Denbighshire Primaries Maths Week will be run through student activity on the online educational Maths site ‘Mangahigh’.

Mangahigh has two subscription packages available to schools, a free and a premium offering.

During the Maths Week, all schools will have access to the premium offering without charge.

At the end of the Maths Week, all schools will be switched back to the free offering. Any school that is interested in continuing with the premium package can get a discount on the standard prices (rate subject to the number of schools subscribing) if they take part in the Maths Week.

You can check out the standard prices by going to

Mangahigh’s free offering allows students and teachers 24/7 access, unlimited accounts and whole class analytics.

Mangahigh’s premium offering includes access to independent learning for students, teacher ability to set activities to a group of students instead of the whole class and a teacher view of individual student performance across the curriculum.

With A+ Quest: Teachers would be able to:

a)      View the performance of individual students across all their activities

b)      Set challenges to a sub set of the class instead of just the whole class

c)       Provide intervention to students using real time messaging

d)      Receive actionable insights about student and class outcomes


With A+ Quest: Students would be able to:

a)      Have access to all Prodigi activities for independent study

b)      Follow a personlised learning pathway, unique to their learning needs

c)       Take ownership of their learning by being be able to track their progress