What is a Fai-To?

Fai-To is our contest system that allows for a head-to-head mathematics competition between two schools from around the globe.  Any points scored by students during the Fai-To will count towards their school’s total score.  Fai-To does not affect the way that students or teachers use Mangahigh, it’s simply a way to motivate students for an intensive burst of activity.

What does Fai-To mean?

Fai-To is Japanese for encouragement, or fighting spirit.  In Japan, members of a team will chant “Fai-To” before entering a competition.

How does it work, and how do I participate?

Invitations to take part in a Fai-To are issued by Mangahigh every Monday to schools who have been active on the site in the preceding week, so the more your students’ use Mangahigh the better their chance of being selected for a Fai-To!  When your school is selected for a Fai-To by Mangahigh it will be either as a Challenger, or a Defender.  As a Challenger, your students will be able to vote for which of the 2 other pre-selected schools they wish to challenge.

If you are selected as one of the two potential Defenders, you will receive email notification to inform you that the Challenger is considering competing against your school.  If they do select your school, the Fai-To will begin immediately.

Students can earn points towards your school’s Fai-To score by completing any activity on Mangahigh, both playing free play games and whilst completing challenges that have been assigned to them.  Earning a bronze medal is worth 1 point, a silver is worth 2 and gaining a gold medal earns 3 points towards your school’s Fai-To score.  Students can only earn one medal per challenge or level of free play game.  If a student has previously completed a challenge and earned a bronze medal, and then replays that same activity to bronze medal standard again, they will not earn any extra points.  However if they replay the challenge and upgrade their medal from bronze to gold, they will earn 2 points towards your school’s Fai-To total.

The best performing student from the winning school of each round will be named the Hero of that round.



How long does a Fai-To last?

Each round lasts for 24 hours.  The Fai-To will run until one school has won 5 rounds, for a maximum of 9 days.

If both schools fail to participate in a round then it is automatically won by the defending school.

What are the benefits of participating?

There are very few students who ever work on activities in mathematics beyond those given to them by their teacher.  With Fai-To, students have a real reason to engage with the subject in their own time as well as in teacher-set activities.  By giving students an opportunity to make their contribution felt, we are rewarding them for their mathematical effort and achievement.  Once they start to think about how they can win, there is no end to a student’s potential to learn and retain both mathematical knowledge and skill.